Your ultimate experience in Namibia

Internship in Namibia

Are you approaching the end of your studies and want to get valuable work experience? Are you focused and ambitious? Are you looking for an international “practicum” or internship during your studies? Then an internship through NamIntern might give you the work experience you are looking for. An internship in Namibia is also a great way to travel, meet people and gain memorable experiences.

The opportunity to live, study or work in another country is an invaluable experience. Being an international intern will provide you with a new cultural perspective that cannot be gained in the classroom. These internships are unpaid practical learning opportunities that will supplement your course of study and future career plans, and be of great value on your resume. You will develop your professional and social communication skills by working in a foreign environment, and show potential employers that you can adapt to a challenging environment, and work in an international setting.

A competitive advantage in the career market is more important than ever. Finding the right internship and arranging the logistics can be challenging. NamIntern is working with a wide spectrum of companies and projects, from humanitarian programs in the township to the fastest growing weekly newspaper in the country. We can assist you on all stages throughout your internship, from arranging transport, accommodation and tours, to assist you through the process of getting a visa.

Internship vs. volunteer

The difference between an internship and volunteer work is basically; an internship is something that you choose to do in order to develop your skills in a profession. While volunteering can also serve this purpose, the driving force is your desire to help out. For example, a teaching program can be viewed as an internship by those who wish to develop their teaching skills, or as volunteering for those who are just looking to help out. Universities have placed increasing emphasis on the valuable addition that an internship or “practicum” offers to an education. It is getting more popular to take this as an international internship. Generally, college credit is available for such programs.

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