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About Us

NamIntern provides expertise in the field of internship, education abroad and volunteer work in Namibia. We strive to be the best provider of services offered to international students and young people traveling to Namibia for internships, studies and volunteer work. The value of NamIntern´s offering is knowledge and expertise with students and young people as customers, and its special focus on customizing the entire Namibian experience. With a few carefully selected 3rd party service providers we do our best to ensure both quality and safety.

Our mission is to raise awareness about the various possibilities of internships and volunteer work in Namibia, with the goal of making more international students choose Namibia as their destination for internships during higher education. NamIntern strives to make international internship and volunteer work more accessible, while also ensuring the educational quality of the placement programs, and keeping the students best interests at heart.

When travelling, it takes time to get to know your destination, especially in terms of the social arena, locations and cultures. Often the greatest cultural experiences remain unexplored because one was never introduced to them, and thereby never even aware of the existance of some of the most exciting and memorable of opportunities. NamIntern wants you to be able to explore Namibia in all its facets, and to always present you with the best options in terms of both safety and the experience as a whole. NamIntern is aware of the various safety issues that arise when traveling. We therefore put every effort into making you feel save during your stay, and we make sure you are well briefed in the precautions needed to maintain your safety. Our familiarity with service providers within transport, tours and accommodation, ensures that only the verified best are associated with NamIntern.


NamIntern was established in 2012, after its founder identified the need for services provided specifically to students traveling to Namibia. NamIntern was founded by Miriam Bryne, a Norwegian woman, who first came to Namibia as a student in 2009. After finishing her degree, she moved to Namibia and started working for local programs in the township Katutura, located on the outskirts of Windhoek. While working with Scandinavian students she decided to start up NamIntern to secure the educational quality of existing internship programs and to develop new ones, as well as to support and assist students and young people and their educators abroad.